Worldwide corporate events, art & cultural events, congresses, fashion shows etc. are cancelled, postponed indefinitely or streamed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The personal and the experience does not take place and if it does, the guests come to the event with a queasy feeling. As of today, this will not change in 2021. We couldn't accept this, so we created a think tank and found a solution…

Idea / Basis

In search of new and spectacular display formats, our think tank developed the Cubic Circle Circus. The aim was initially to offer visitors an undisturbed clear, exclusive, magnificent and unobstructed view into the arena from every seat with a maximum of comfort in separate loges and a focus on all state-of-the-art technologies available in the event area.

The visitor area should also be shielded against any risk of danger from the performances within the arena, such as dust, fire, water, etc.

Due to these requirements we created a new standard within the event architecture.

All boxes have a clear field of vision and allow a grandiose all-round view into the arena. This means that this spectacular arena is world wide unique and at the same time stunning in the post-Corona era. And the best thing about it is: this uniqueness can be used globally thanks to the mobility and modularity of the system!

Show formats

  • Corporate & Cultural Events
  • Congresses
  • Premieres
  • Educational events
  • Annual general meetings 360 degrees
  • Shows, Concerts

Due to the new perspective of the spectator on the arena stage and the unique construction, there are no limits to the possible uses even in corona times:

  • Special entertainment shows
  • Product presentations
  • Sports (e.g. boxing matches, beach volleyball, etc.)
  • Concerts
  • cooperate events

  • Variety / Dinner shows
  • Circus
  • Gala events
  • Annual general meetings 360 degrees
  • Conferences
  • Auctions
  • Congress / Meeting
  • Educational events
…and what is your idea?
ccc inside


All guests sit in the front row

  • Free view to the stage
  • 1860qm LED Wall in 360 degree format
  • Ready for Hybrid & Omnichannel Events
  • Plug & Play Modul
  • Transportable & worldwide use

The arena consists of 120 separate boxes, which each function like a personal habitat. Depending on the official requirements, the individual boxes can accommodate up to 6 people. It is also possible to enlarge the boxes by removing the partition walls.
The total size of the construction in relation to the number of containers / boxes is just as variable.

Online ticketing and targeted control systems also significantly minimize the occurrence of infections outdoors. Streaming technologies, augmented reality, state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology are available and can be perfectly designed for the event as required.

The outer facade of the Cubic Circle Circus consists of a 360 ° LED outer shell with a total size of 1800m2, which can be used with all imaginable content and thus serves as a spectacular advertising space.

The Cubic Circle Circus is completely independent of location and moveable due to the standardized containers. Sustainability in the selection of the components is mandatory because the container architecture allows a wide range of connection uses.

A partially self-sufficient energy supply is also possible by using solar panels on the roof surfaces. A possible compensation payment for the carbon emissions during transport and operation is also part of the concept.

By pre-ordering, the visitor can have the desired drinks and food ready in the box; a refrigerator is just as standard as full air conditioning and heating. In this way the Cubic Circle Circus can be used in all seasons. The furniture is completely designed and assembled to the customers wishes and is variable in design and function.

A culinary concept is also conceivable, whereby the dishes can also be pre-ordered online. he arena has an inside diameter of 35 m with an area of ​​821m2 and thus offers enough space for an unimagined variety of applications. The manufacture and operation of the arena complies with all required certifications. The arena can be used both in the open state (without arena roofing) or with optional, various roofing systems.

  • The Cubic Circle Circus is a new show format
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is technologically forward-looking
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is unique
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is sustainable
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is spectacular
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is modular
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is location-independent
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is transportable/moveable
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is expandable
  • The Cubic Circle Circus is THE corona-safe complete event system in the premium segment!
  • The Cubic Circle Circus IS the Cubic Circle Circus



  • Modular construction
  • 128 Container High Cube 20“ 3m wide
  • 16 Container 24“ stair case
  • 4 Container 20“ Rest Rooms
  • 4 Container 20“ Storage
  • Total weight of Containers approx. 740Tons
  • Cable lenghts total: ca. 15 km ( 9,3 mls ) for different functions
  • Arena roof : Aluminium Construction
  • Arena diameter : 34 m
  • playing area of 8826 square feet
  • Hight of container construction: 11.8m ( 39 ft. )
  • Hight of construction with dome : approx 28m ( 92 ft. )
  • Hight of construction with alternative roof type : approx 18m ( 59 ft. )
  • Total diameter of construction: 52 m ( 152 ft.)
  • 120 lounges , equipped with climate, heater, fridge, furniture, ozonos air cleaner
  • Lounge size single: width 2,85m ( 9,35 ft. ), depth 3,45m ( 11,31 ft.)

  • Lounges can diversify in size / up to width 11,7m ( 38,38 ft. ) depth 3,45m ( 11,31 ft. )
  • Maximal capacity / number of visitors: 720 PAX
  • All Lounges with laminated safety glass front
  • Arena sound system
  • Arena light system
  • Multimedia & streaming equipment
  • Arena exterior: 1800m2 ( 19.374 sqft. ) programmable LED Screen
  • Arena can be used outside in every climate condition
  • Arena can be used in exhibition centers (indoor usage )
  • Arena can be shipped
  • Arena can be run in self-sufficient mode
  • Online ticketing to minimize personal contact
  • Online pre-order of food and beverages to minimize personal contact
  • TÜV building book and local permit
  • Fire alarm system

COVID-19 safe

  • 100% visitor utilization possible
  • Fresh air supply
  • Ozonos Air Cleaning System
  • Guidance systems for visitor guidance
  • Online Ticketing

coming soon

Due to the prevailing corona pandemic, classic formats can hardly be implemented at the present time, as the currently applicable distance rules do not allow high utilization. This is not economical. The collaborative live experience is severely limited.

Our concept offers the solution: with separate boxes, the small groups of visitors experience the event in a very exclusive and personal atmosphere and are also shielded against contamination. A 100% utilization of the arena can thus be guaranteed. With the supply of heated or cooled fresh air in connection with the Ozonos Air Cleaning System, sensible technical precautions have been taken to counteract the problem of virus spread.


  • WRCK (Conception/Design)
  • United Network Development (Technical planning /- construction)
  • Event Safety Consult (Safety/infection protection)
  • Thomas Contag/Gerhard Ruhr (Container construction)

The Cubic Circle Circus Think Tank consists of various companies, each of them has established a permanent place in the event industry for years through the latest technologies, show concepts and solutions. They are also linked by a long-term strategic partnership..
Our partnership consists of designers, event technicians, event security experts and constructors.

WRCK Raumkonzepte GmbH & Co.KG

The company WRCK Room concepts, founded in 2001 by the designers Wolfgang Rickert and Claus Koch, operates in the areas of event architecture, shop and trade fair construction and furniture design.

Customized design solutions for a wide range of customers from industry and entertainment using the latest trends and technologies are just as much a part of the portfolio as the complete organization of all trades - from the first customer briefing to the removal of the entire production.

Own production facilities for wood and metalworking as well as an affiliated agency for advertising systems are also part of the portfolio.

  • Stockcar Challenge
  • Unilever
  • AXE
  • Fisherman´s Friend
  • Parookaville Festival
  • Bacardi
  • SAP SE
  • u.v.m.

Managing director
Wolfgang Rickert / Claus Koch


United Network Development

United Network Development is an international specialist planning office for consulting, planning and quality control of events.

Founded in 2002, the company is managed by Pat Buhre and Thorsten Pausch, who both can look back on more than 20 years in the event business.

United Network Development specializes in the design, independent advice and technical and logistical planning of complex events. In addition to professional advice, this also includes feasibility studies and tenders through to on-site service provider controls.

  • SAP SE – nationale und internationale Kongresse
  • Udo Lindenberg Tourneen
  • RTK Konzerte (div. Konzerttourneen)
  • Marbet (div. Großveranstaltungen)
  • u.v.m.  

Managing director
Pat Buhre / Thorsten Pausch


Event Safety Consult

Event Safety Consult is an independent provider of comprehensive safety advice and support for events. Whether trade fair, congress, anniversary, concert, cultural event or political conference.

The safety concepts developed by Event Safety Consult consider not only all safety-relevant aspects but also the currently relevant hygiene protection regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From the risk assessment to infection protection concepts, the provision of qualified personnel to the legally required safety concepts for events.

Managing director Sven Hansen is a foreman for event technology (IHK), specialist for event security (TÜV / DPVT) and safety and health protection coordinator (RAB 30). Also deputy chairman of the Federal Association for Event Security.

  • COP23 – UN Climate Change Conference
  • BASF
  • Nibelungenfestspiele
  • Time Warp Festival
  • Siemens
  • Nobilia
  • Skoda
  • marbet
  • REWE
  • div. major events
  • u.v.m.  

Managing director
Sven Hansen


Thomas Contag,
independent consultant, design engineer and project manager for Container systems

Head of department / authorized signatory at Ambrosius Messebau in Frankfurt, responsible for major projects in exhibition and event construction worldwide from 1991 to 2013.

Key Account Manager at Jost, development and marketing of exhibition and event containers over the period from 2014 to 2019./p>


  • Project manager at the A- Motion Tour, for MB 1997
  • 6 x Construction of the IAA festival hall in Frankfurt for Daimler / Mercedes Benz
  • Roadshow for the opening of the world exhibition 2000 in Hannover
  • PProject manager in the production of the F 1 Mercedes Benz Motorhome in container construction
  • Fixed installation in container design for Schüco Bielefeld
  • Formular- E Roadshow 2018
  • Project manager for the production of a new F1 motorhome 2019 in container design

For further information, investment opportunities, bookings or partnerships please contact us.


WRCK Raumkonzepte Gmbh & Co. KG
Telingskamp 11
D-46395 Bocholt

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